It's a good time to be a newly qualified solicitor (NQS)

If you are a newly qualified solicitor (NQS) in London these days, the outlook for the immediate future is bright.

Female students are still interested in Law careers

Recent figures suggest that top law firms are still struggling to meet gender diversity targets. PwC's 2015 law firm survey revealed that only 17 per cent of partners in the top 25 law firms are women. This is despite the implementation of extensive recruitment practices to boost their numbers.

Expectation is that the new Law hire's clients will follow them

For most of us, taking on a new full-time role comes along with its fair share of anxieties regardless of how positive we feel about winning the job. Can I figure things out in time to avoid embarrassment? Will the environment really suit me? Do my colleagues look out for each other? Is the kitchen stocked with biscuits?

A map of Abu Dhabi and Doha

The Middle East: a region replete with high-net-worth clients, dotted with regimes that are virtually free from tax on income or profit, and standing proudly as an important economic hub with its own financial free zones.

The importance of a company culture

In an ever more saturated legal services market, what's the magic formula for firm growth? Successful mergers depend on more than how much work new partners can bring in or the clients they bring with them. If the culture fails to cohere, the original merger effort can seem arbitrary and the difficult integration of the businesses rather futile. Clients identify with the firm's culture, and for many of them, their decision to engage a team is based on it.