A group of lawyers at associate level

When it comes to recruiting and retaining assistant solicitors and associates, things have become more difficult for the top UK and US global law firms over the last three to five years. The combination of hiring freezes and layoffs in the wake of the global financial crisis and a drop in the number of enrollees and graduates is believed to have led to a shortage of associates. Supporting the anecdotal evidence here in the UK is The American Lawyer’s 2015 mid-level associates survey, which describes the same phenomenon in the US.

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Not feeling the Magic or is the Silver losing its shine? Options for a top tier Associate

It’s Friday, 10:30pm and you are still in the office feeling tired, bored and guilty for cancelling dinner with friends for the umpteenth time. This has been a common theme for the last four years. Having spent the first two as a trainee you expected a fair bit of donkey work, though assumed you might get treated with a fraction more dignity upon qualification. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being abruptly told to research an obscure area of law that might as well be from the planet Klonk and then being treated like the village idiot every time you ask a question – all whilst becoming the most antisocial person you know - has finally taken its toll.