Zandria Papprill is an In-House Legal Recruitment Consultant at EJ Legal

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Zandria grew up in New Zealand, studied French and Spanish at the University of Auckland and plotted a thrilling and adrenalin filled future in her great love, extreme sports. She decided to take a recruitment job as a short term measure – and over fifteen years later is one of the most experienced and respected recruiters operating in the in-house legal market.

After 10 years with a global recruitment firm she joined EJ Legal in 2009 to focus on the financial services sector placing lawyers at all levels into investment banks, asset management houses, hedge funds and a range of other financial institutions. Zandria still likes to live dangerously once out of the office – she jumps on a snowboard at every available opportunity and whilst her running shoes have recently been hung up, she still manages to complete the odd marathon chasing a toddler around the house!