With the derivative trading documentation market being very specialised and there being a limited pool of candidates with this skill set in the market, working with specialist recruiters in this field is valuable.   Our consultants at EJ Legal have over 20 years' experience recruiting ISDA, GMRA, GMSLA and commodity negotiators into a range of institutions including investment banks, small European banks, asset managers and commodity houses. Our consultants' strong reputation in this market, built up through a combination of networking and referrals over the years', has been invaluable to clients when recruiting and in providing them with a detailed insight into the market.

Since 2007 the derivative trading documentation market has undergone a number of changes, in particular on the regulatory side which have required banks to often recruit teams of specialists to work on projects relating to these regulatory requirements. With over 20 years' experience both in interim and derivative trading documentation recruitment, our consultants have been able to provide a complete specialist service which is unique in the legal recruitment market.

Please contact Karen Martell on 0207 400 2012 or KarenM@ejgroup.co.uk should you have any further queries or wish to discuss the derivative trading documentation market more generally.