EJ Legal specialises in the recruitment of paralegals and contract managers across a range of sectors with over 20 years’ experience in this area within the team.

The paralegal and contract manager market has become significantly busier over the years due to the impact that it is has on efficiency and costs. Some of our clients employ paralegals to undertake more of the routine and administrative work so as to free up the lawyers’ time so that they can focus on more of the complex matters and relationship aspects. Over the past few years, we have also noticed a number of start-up and small legal teams employing paralegals to support a sole counsel or team of mid-level/senior lawyers to almost mirror the work that a junior lawyer would generally be expected to cover. This is usually achieved by recruiting a paralegal with a little experience who can be trained up or at least two years’ solid paralegal experience with the ability to grasp things quickly and a positive attitude. This can prove to be extremely cost effective given that the salary of a paralegal can generally be between £22K to £50K depending on their level of experience. 


We appreciate that our clients’ needs and budget are going to vary.  The pool of candidates that we work with is wide ranging and consists of the following:

  • Overseas-qualified lawyers with no UK experience may also benefit from gaining paralegal experience to assist in entering into the qualified market through developing some experience more relevant to the UK market; 
  • LPC and law graduates who wish to broaden their skill-set and start earning; or
  • Newly qualified lawyers who would like to continue building on their experience whilst they explore qualified opportunities. 

Please contact us on 0207 400 2027 or paralegal@ejgroup.co.uk should you have any further queries or wish to discuss the non-qualified market more generally.