Sitting at a desk writing a plan

Sitting at a desk writing a planIf you really want to make the right impression and be that stand-out candidate, you absolutely need to present a business case that is detailed, tailored, punchy and robust.

People in the middle of a maze

People in the middle of a mazeFollowing on from my last blog, I look at the factors worth considering if you are thinking of moving to another law firm.

A ball of string

A ball of stringExamining the timescales in the recruitment process
One of the most common questions that I am asked by candidates is how long the process will take to find a new job. With that in mind I thought I would write a piece looking at timescales and the different types of spanners that often like to jump into the works to slow things down.

A Lawyer packing up their items to leave a job

These days, it is difficult to imagine being pinned down to one job, or even career, for the remainder of one’s working life. Employees spend 4.6 years in any one job on average, so given you are very likely at some point in your career to have to resign – how best should you go about it, particularly in the legal job market.

A lawyer reviewing his CV

The CV is the key document which will help you find your perfect job so it is worth spending time getting it right. As your consultant, we can guide and direct you but the content ultimately comes down to you. Before you get drafting it is worth considering the points set out below.

Glasses and pen resting on an application form

The beginning of the year is usually associated with fresh starts and new opportunities and this is especially true for lawyers looking to re-focus their legal careers. There are traditionally a number of new vacancies in the early part of the year as employers are keen to use the Christmas break as a chance to introduce and apply their updated management plans. There is also the new financial year on the horizon at the end of March which motivates firms to review their talent requirements. This makes it the ideal time to consider moving to a new job.

Shaking hands to close a deal

Dealing with Counter-Offers

If a new organisation makes you an offer there’s a good chance the one you’re leaving will try to keep you. There are numerous reasons why – among them:

A view of New York's Central Park from a tall building

Be findable

On one hand, the key is for people to know you exist and, on the other, for them to be able to find you easily — nobody wants their legal CV circulating the internet if they can help it and so there are some great alternatives available to allow you to control the information you want to be readily available.

Social media, for instance, is not just for hipsters: LinkedIn has been around for ten years now and millions of people benefit from its use on a daily basis. It’s one of the recruiter’s best friends in that it provides people with the opportunity to limit exactly what information they are willing to share with the public whilst also allowing them to update this information continually. If you are not on it already and you want to have opportunities run past you, this is one tool you cannot afford to live without.

The complete guide to LinkedIn for law job seekers

Social Media

Everyone is jumping on board the social networking bandwagon – should you as a lawyer be doing the same? Legal recruitment today is not all about advertising in the legal press and hoping for a C.V. to be posted in the snail mail!

Recruitment, in the now, is all about using all means possible and this includes maximising the services and tools available in the digital space, particularly when I’m recruiting for clients in the media, telecoms, or IT sectors.