Sniffing out the trends in the ISDA World

A dog sniffing the airFrom a recruiter’s perspective, 2018 was another unpredictable but active year.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A dog sniffing the airAn alternative career for corporate and tax lawyers..

Female students are still interested in Law careers

Recent figures suggest that top law firms are still struggling to meet gender diversity targets. PwC's 2015 law firm survey revealed that only 17 per cent of partners in the top 25 law firms are women. This is despite the implementation of extensive recruitment practices to boost their numbers.

The overall ethnic makeup of the legal profession

Throughout the previous decade, the legal profession became increasingly aware of the benefits of diversity. Back in the millennium, the legal industry possessed a startling lack of both female lawyers and lawyers from ethnic minorities. Both groups were completely dwarfed by the high proportion of white males who were predominantly aged between 30-60 years old. While there remains a way to go before the legal profession can boast of being diverse, the following data provided by the Law Society highlights that the industry is definitely evolving.

Lawyers sitting in a meeting

Law firms, individual lawyers and other stakeholders in the legal profession are now far more aware of the benefits of diversity. The drive for diversity is not new but changing the face of an entire profession was always going to require considerable effort over a prolonged period of time. Even at the beginning of the 21st century there was a glaring lack of balance in the make-up of lawyers whether the consideration was women, minorities or even age groups. How much has changed?

Chart of law firm salaries: NQ - 5PQE
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