A divide between the UK and EU represented as an earthquake aftershock on concrete

A divide between the UK and EU represented as an earthquake aftershock on concreteThere was the vote, and then there were the aftershocks, including an uptick in business for legal professionals.

Is a law firm having debt a good thing?

In 2014 The Lawyer carried out its first comprehensive review of the debt positions of UK law firms. The sample of limited liability partnership accounts revealed a stark divide between firms with ample cash reserves and those with quite significant amounts of debt. As the industry contracts, firms are saddling themselves with debt in order to adapt to the new environment – or to cover for the fact that they have not.

View of city skyline from office

Whether law firms operate better using traditional management methods or more modern approaches is less of an open question these days. With a legal landscape in flux - the intense merger activity of 2014–15 being one salient example - traditional frameworks for running firms are under challenge.

A picture of two lawyers

If you are considering a move in-house from private practice, it is worth reviewing all aspects of what this change might mean for you - below are some of the common views of differences between the two.

Scales of Justice on a keyboard

Lawyers specialising in sectors such as banking compliance, property, and information technology (IT) are in demand at the moment. Some legal niches are cyclical but IT law is a niche that has shown consistent growth in recent years despite headwinds affecting other practices.

M1 Road signs for The North and The South

London offers one of the most exciting legal markets in the world and is the birthplace of many legal careers. Often lawyers who start their careers elsewhere eventually end up in London and the opportunities are increasingly promising as the economy continues to improve.