Shaking hands after completing a job interview

Not everybody is a natural, when it comes to job interviews. You may in fact be the best person for the role, but legal private practice employers are ultimately going to appoint the person that performs best at interview. So what are the secrets to excelling at interview and making sure you are offered the position?

This is the first of a series of blogs with some useful tips that should help you perform at your optimum capacity when you next interview with a law firm. If you have not interviewed for years, these reminders may prove invaluable. If you have interviewed recently, but not quite secured the job at hand, then you can fine tune your preparation for next time using these pointers.

A pair of spectacles on a legal book

You think you may have found the perfect legal job – so how can you make sure you do not narrowly miss out to another candidate? You know have the right experience, but how can you be certain to convince the prospective employer?

This is the second of my series of blogs to help you get the job in law that you want. In an extremely tough economic climate you really need to leave nothing to chance, and any preparation could prove the difference between the runner-up spot and the gold medal.