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Tips For A New Year Job Hunt

Tips For A New Year Job Hunt

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The beginning of the year is usually associated with fresh starts and new opportunities and this is especially true for lawyers looking to re-focus their legal careers. There are traditionally a number of new vacancies in the early part of the year as employers are keen to use the Christmas break as a chance to introduce and apply their updated management plans. There is also the new financial year on the horizon at the end of March which motivates firms to review their talent requirements. This makes it the ideal time to consider moving to a new job.

Re-define your career objectives

Lawyers generally only consider moving if they are unhappy in their current position. This can be for a variety of reasons. For instance they may be frustrated with the pay or workload in their existing job or be irritated at the lack of opportunities for advancement in the department or firm.

If you are one of these lawyers that is keen to move, before you make the switch it is important that you are clear in what you want to get out of your new position. Do you want to change jobs or just workplaces? Do you want more responsibility or less? You need to be honest with yourself when setting your career objectives otherwise you may encounter the same problems at your new job as those which you are experiencing in your current role.

Plan efficiently and get to it

Anyone who has ever applied for a job knows how time consuming the process can be. Updating your CV, browsing for suitable positions, filling applications and speaking to recruiters all takes time. This is before you factor in the time it takes to complete the interview process and to hand in notice at your old job.

Therefore if you are considering a change in direction in 2015, the preparation work will have to begin in earnest well before you throw your hat into the marketplace. Many employers like to get their new staff in place prior to key dates such as the beginning of the financial year so therefore it is important to be on the lookout for new positions early.

See what’s out there

With the amount of information available these days there really is no excuse not to be informed. Before you accept a position make sure you get a general overview of current state of the marketplace. Searching online and contacting recruitment agencies is a good start but you may also consider utilising your network. This involves attending as many open events as possible and talking to your contacts in the legal profession so as to get a comprehensive idea as to what position may best suit you.

Go for it

After many years of recession and limited recruitment opportunities, the legal industry has started to bounce back. The market is candidate-orientated at present making it a good time to start looking for jobs. Therefore if you have become disillusioned in your current role you may wish to start looking at 2015 as the year to brush away the cobwebs and move on.