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Knowing When It’s Time for a Change of Scene

Knowing When It’s Time for a Change of Scene

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Over a third of UK workers hope to leave their current positions and 2015 represents a year of considered transition for the many lawyers employed in the UK. A growing economy has given rise to increased expectations and an increase in employment opportunities, especially for lawyers. In particular those lawyers high in demand include, property, tax, technology, construction, banking, competition, employment, commercial, financial services and compliance. Given this increase in demand, many lawyers are now taking the time to restock and look at their career in their current workplace. Looking hard at their working conditions, job-wise and firm-wise, what career path they have laid out for them and is it achievable, as well as overall profitability and its future strategy. Now is a good a time as any for you to look at whether moving roles will address any issues you are currently having.

More than a need for new challenges

Normally it’s evident once you feel you have plateaued and are just cruising in your current role. A change in employment can mean novel challenges and growth opportunities that the status quo can’t provide. But there’s more to it than just a question of ‘new challenges’.

There is no harm in being seen as a lawyer who seeks a challenge, who is adaptable and not complacent. A feasible long-term career strategy may call for moving firms from time to time.

If you haven’t managed to build the working relationships within the firm necessary to climbing its internal career ladder, have a constructive think about why. You may have had a difficult relationship with your line manager or perhaps your personalities revealed themselves to be incompatible over time. Your firm may simply not be a good fit culturally, or their future growth strategy does not include your practice area. Perhaps your current workload together with the unsociable hours may not sit well with family life and could be having a detrimental effect on your health. Does the current team structure mean you will have to wait many years before you are given a promotion – longer than you can bear to wait? Is it difficult to get full access to clients thus making it difficult to build a client following? Then if you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should be considering your other options.