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How can we as legal recruiters help you?

How can we as legal recruiters help you?

written by Emma Wootton

Wondering if legal recruiters can help you?

Recruiters can be incredibly helpful in a job search! We serve as intermediaries between yourself and private practice/in-house fields, streamlining the process and offering several benefits detailed below.


So, what do we do?

We specialise in placing professionals within the legal industry which can include lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries and other business service support staff across various practice areas and levels of expertise. We operate in the field of law and typically work with firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and other organisations requiring legal expertise such as in-house financial services and entertainment industries.


How can we help?

We appreciate that the current market on all levels have been difficult over the last 12 months, and you might be frustrated at the lack of opportunities on offer.

Here are some key aspects of how EJ Legal can assist you:

  1. Specialised Knowledge: We possess in-depth knowledge of the legal industry and recruiting firms in the market, including specific practice areas (e.g., corporate law, property, litigation, immigration, compliance, intellectual property, etc.), different types of legal roles, and the qualifications necessary for these positions. We keep up to date to keep you up to date!

  2. Extensive Network: We have well-established connections within the legal field with some of us previously being lawyers at Magic and Silver Circle firms or a part of their internal HR, this enables us to access job opportunities that might not be publicly advertised (we also get them quickly after the role has been signed off for recruitment!).

  3. Timesaving: Working with a recruiter can save you time in your job search. We handle initial screening and vettings, presenting you to firms that closely match your skills and preferences. We also cover the market for you and send you roles as soon as they are released so you are kept up to date.

  4. Understanding of Legal Careers: We provide honest and personable guidance on career advancement, market trends, salary expectations, CV profiling and the skills needed to succeed in different legal roles.

  5. Candidate Advocacy: A good legal recruiter acts as an advocate for candidates; we can represent your skills and qualifications to their full potential to employers and negotiate on your behalf.

  6. Placement Services: As touched on above, we assist with resume and cover letter preparation, interview coaching and can offer additional care counselling or advice if wanted.

  7. Feeback and Follow Ups: After interviews, recruiters provide feedback from the employer, which can be valuable for improving your approach in future interviews.


Ok, where do I start?

By communicating comprehensive and accurate information to a legal recruiter like us, you provide a better understanding of your qualification, preferences, and career objectives, ultimately increasing the likelihood of finding suitable opportunities that align with your goals within the legal field.

Get in touch, pop us an email! Find the right contact details for your needs on our EJ website (Paralegal, Associates, Partners etc) and follow the below tips to help us initially get to know you and we will be in touch to find out more.


Clarify Expectations: Clearly communicate your career goals, preferred practice areas, desired job roles, and any other relevant preferences to ensure they can match you with suitable opportunities and experience in the market. Highlight any specialisations or niche areas where you excel.


Work Preferences: Discuss your preferences regarding work environment, firm culture, firm size (small boutique vs. larger multinational firm), location preferences, and willingness to relocate if applicable.


Resume and Portfolio: Share an updated resume which touches on all your duties and responsibilities and any portfolio materials that showcase your legal expertise.


Maintain Communication: Keep in touch and be responsive to inquiries or opportunities presented by us, to keep us up to date if you are interested or not and why. Prompt communication helps in navigation the recruitment process smoothly and keeping us up to date.


Legal recruiters can be valuable resources for legal professionals seeking new career opportunities. The market going into 2024 is looking positive as data is showing the number of new roles, permanent and long FTCs, is on the rise.


We are here to help, and we thrive off of doing so!


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